Nate Thomas, internet and graphic designer.

  • 2010 Christmas CardsPsychology Print
    art print

    This is a 11x17 print, created in photoshop and illustrator. I based the image on themes in psychology such as the Rorschach test and identity. I then added typography and texture to create a compelling image.

  • audibleGULP WebsiteaudibleGULP
    website redesign

    This site, launched in 2011, is a redesign for a small marketing and consulting firm in Southern California. The original site was a wordpress template, I wanted to create a simple, one page grid layout with a beachy, washed-out vibe. I used responsive design to create a mobile version of the site as well.

  • As It Is In Heaven Movie TitlesAs It Is In Heaven
    film title and booklet

    My good friends asked me to create a prospectus to help acquire funding for their independent film. I took the idea of a large scale prospectus and condensed it into a small, colorful booklet.

  • Rocky Mountain Rollergirls WebsiteRocky Mountain Rollergirls
    website redesign

    In late 2010, the Denver-based Rocky Mountain Rollergirls commissioned me to redesign their website on the heels of them winning the national championship. I wanted to create a site that gave them the feel of a professional sports team with a scrappy roller derby edge.

  • Abstract CompositionsAbstract Compositions
    personal illustrations

    I wanted to spend some time exploring 2D design through different shapes, forms, and colors. I ended up with this series of compositions.

  • Various Illustrations for Revolution GMATRevolution GMAT

    I was commissioned to create graphics and illustrations for a GMAT test-prep video series. I created the illustrations in Illustrator and than combined it with the presentations in PowerPoint which were then added into the video.

  • 2010 Christmas Cards2010 Christmas Cards
    greeting cards

    Everyone has a vice, even reindeer. And not even the holiday spirit can get them to quit. That was the inspiration for my 2010 Christmas cards. Each reindeer was made from different types of paper and details were drawn by hand. Who know's next year we may have drinking elves.

  • Typographic InspirationInspirational Typography
    typography experiments

    These are an experiment in texture and typography; two things I am particularly fond of. The goal was to create motivational style posters with simple, compelling text.

  • Revolution Prep Join PageRevolution Prep
    ui/ux design and illustrations

    I was a front-end developer and designer at Revolution Prep, an education company that specialized in tutoring and test prep with a strong focus on technology. I created interfaces for the website, and a tutor-finding website called TutorSource. Emails, landing pages, and various marketing collateral were also thrown into my mix of projects. I quickly became accustomed to working in a Ruby on Rails development environment in conjunction with git source control.

  • MPH Banquet TicketsUSC Master of Public Health Program
    annual banquet tickets

    I created these tickets for the 2010 USC Master of Public Health Banquet. The "Old Hollywood" theme lent itself to a typography-heavy style to make the ticket look like it came straight from the 60's. I like to think I was validated when I saw very similar-looking tickets on AMC's popular drama "Mad Men."

  • Business Card Illustrations for Nuangi and MorganFriendly Faces
    geometrical illustrations

    This was a self-initiated project to simplify two of my friends' faces into simple, geometric forms. They liked how they turned out so we made them into business cards.

  • Revolution CareersRevolution Careers
    ui/ux design and illustrations

    I was the resident designer at RevolutionCareers, a site that takes job applications, then allows users to sort and filter the pool to make hiring the right candidate easy. It was intended to be a fully self sufficient HR management hiring system. The project was killed after about a year of work. It was my first time working in a startup environment where I quickly learned the power of iteration in software design.

  • Graduation InvitationsUNC Asheville Graduation Invitations
    personal graduation invites

    This is a 11x17 print, created in photoshop and illustrator. I based the image on themes in psychology such as the Rorschach test and identity. I then added typography and texture to create a compelling image.

  • Cup of JoePixel Fun
    personal illustrations

    I wanted to experiment with creating pixelated illustrations. I like the idea that these simple, basic images can express a lot.

  • MailboxVarious Personal Illustrations
    personal illustrations

    These are illustrations I created based on interesting things I found on the web. I like to create an illustration or two a week as part of my weekly routine. Here are a few of my favorites.